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What are Wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth aren’t as wise as they sound and can become a huge and painful problem for some people, with the only solution being to remove them. Luckily, combined with the expertise of your local Central Coast dentists at Avoca Beach Dental, there are signs and symptoms to look out for when it comes to needing them removed.

Wisdom teeth are the big back teeth also known as molars and it can take up to your early 20’s for these stubborn slow moving teeth to come through, making them the last of your teeth to completely develop.

The most interesting part about these annoying little guys is that not everyone has them! Some people can have more or fewer than others, but the most commonly found combination is two in the upper jaw and two in the lower, leaving you with four in total.

When do Wisdom Teeth become a problem?

If your wisdom teeth seamlessly erupt through the gum and find their way nicely amongst their fellow teeth, then you’re in luck! However, a frequent problem that can occur is known as impaction. Impaction is the beginning of an array issues for your oral health and begins when the wisdom teeth come through on an angle, pushing into the gum and adjacent teeth.

Not only is this painful, but it can also encourage gum infections and tooth decay as a result of not being able to brush the tooth properly, leaving a build-up of food and bacteria. Overcrowding of teeth in your mouth can also lead to chewing problems, constant discomfort, and mouth ulcers.

Signs your wisdom teeth should be removed

You should always seek advice and diagnosis from your local dental practitioner, but there are specific signs to take not of that may lead to your wisdom teeth being removed. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Protruding wisdom teeth – that are damaging the cheek or gum
  • Difficult to clean – your tooth has grown into a spot where you can’t clean it properly
  • Gum infection – Continues infection of the gums
  • Tooth decay – evidence your tooth’s health is declining
  • Wisdom tooth pain – constant pain caused by the wisdom teeth

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If infection is persistent and severe there are further symptoms caused directly from gum infection that can arise such as:

  • Swollen or sore lymph nodes under jaw
  • Fever
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty with jaw function and swallowing
  • Pain and swelling inside the mouth
  • Inflamed gums around the wisdom tooth
  • Pus coming from the infected gum

Although there are methods of temporary pain relief, removal of your wisdom teeth can be the best solution to your pain and symptoms, and it is best to remove them sooner than later to effectively prevent more severe health issues.

Wisdom Teeth – Central Coast

If you are experiencing signs or symptoms of wisdom teeth impaction or infection, contact us at Avoca Beach Dental today and let us help you with the best wisdom tooth treatment on the Central Coast!