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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

If your teeth are discolored, chipped, rotated, or spaced, cosmetic dentistry might be the perfect options for you! Whether it be teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers …

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super for dental central coast

Access Your Super for Dental Today

Are you in pain or missing teeth? Have you been putting off dental treatment because it’s too costly?
Did you know you can potentially access your super for dental treatment?

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Man needing emergency dental work during covid-19

Introducing Central Coast Dental Emergency Service

Dr Ned Restom, Founder and Principal Dentist of the group is passionate and highly committed “to doing all we can during this stressful time. We are here to support the community, so whether you’re an existing patient or new, if you need emergency care, we will do our best to help you”.

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young female patient smiling pointing to teeth

Do You Need a Trip to the Dentist?

That trip to the dentist is often an adventure one may not look forward to. Dental hygiene plays a big role in our overall health and it’s essential that routine visits become part of our busy schedules.

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