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Wisdom teeth extraction on the Central Coast

For some people, wisdom teeth may grow and not give you any issues for your entire life, for others however they can a big pain! Are you looking for wisdom teeth removal on the Central Coast? At Avoca Beach Dental, we’ve got you covered!

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in the back of your mouth. They usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25.

Why would you need wisdom teeth removed?

Getting any tooth extracted can be a scary prospect. Understandably, you might be a little nervous about having your wisdom teeth removed. The good news is that wisdom tooth removal is a very common and routine surgical dental procedure here at Avoca Beach Dental on the Central Coast.

Most people have them removed for one of these reasons: 

  • They are impacted. Because they’re so far back in your mouth, wisdom teeth may not come in normally. They can be trapped in your jawbone or gums, which can be painful.
  • They come in at the wrong angle. They may press against your other teeth.
  • Your mouth isn’t big enough. Your jaw has no room for an extra set of molars.
  • You have cavities or gum disease. You may not be able to reach your wisdom teeth with your toothbrush or dental floss.
  • Prior to orthodontic treatment to avoid relapse and crowding

Signs your wisdom teeth may need to be taken out

If you live or are visiting Avoca, Terrigal or any of the surrounding Central Coast suburbs and notice any of these signs, then you should call Avoca Beach Dental right away.

  • Swollen gums
  • Pain upon opening your mouth
  • A bad taste or foul breath odour coming from the back of your mouth
  • Bleeding from around your wisdom teeth
  • Constantly getting food trapped between your wisdom teeth and the gum tissue covering them
Sore Wisdom Tooth illustration

Wisdom teeth removal (extraction) – What to expect


At Avoca Beach Dental we like to make sure that our Central Coast patients are well informed and have a thorough understanding of the treatment and what is involved.

Our caring and experienced dental practitioners will discuss with you everything you need to know about the process. They will also provide you with options to make you more comfortable if you are anxious or concerned including sleep dentistry and sedation options. We have a qualified expert seditionist who is available onsite for this purpose.

During treatment

Duration of treatment is dependent on difficulty of extraction; the procedure should take 90 mins or less for all four wisdom teeth to be removed.

You will undergo some form of pain- relief so you won’t feel any pain during your wisdom teeth removal.

Your dentist may need to cut your gums or bone to get the teeth out. If so, they will stitch the wounds shut so they heal quickly. These stitches usually dissolve after a few days.

They may also place gauze pads in your mouth to soak up some of the blood.

Post treatment

Everyone responds differently to surgery and anesthesia. We advise that our patients organise for someone to drive them home.

Most people experience little or no pain after surgery. You will however likely have swelling and mild discomfort for 3 or so days. Your mouth may take a few weeks to completely heal.

It is important to follow your dentist’s instructions to ensure a quicker recovery.

Dental Sedation & Sleep Dentistry

If you are concerned about having your wisdom teeth removed, suffer dental anxiety or worry about pain then dental sedation may be a great solution for you. Learn more about Dental sedation by clicking here.

Could your wisdom teeth need removing?

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