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Are you embarrassed to show your smile because you have lost teeth?

Teeth on Implants® dental implants can make you smile again.

Teeth on Implants® Dentist Central Coast

The Teeth on Implants® dental implant system is a revolutionary dental technique that offers a permanent solution to missing teeth. The treatment refers to supporting all teeth on multiple implants, making them look, feel and function just like natural teeth. The procedure is particularly suitable for patients who may have missing, decayed or broken/chipped teeth.

What are Teeth on Implants® dental implants?

Teeth on Implants®dental implants can support a whole arch of teeth using only four implants. This can be used on either the upper or lower jaw and immediately replaces missing teeth which not only look and feel similar to your natural teeth, but function normally also.

How does Teeth on Implants® work?

Teeth on Implants® consists of four titanium implants inserted into each jaw. These implants act as a foundation for a bridge. A fixed set of teeth, which will look like your natural teeth, can then be added to the implants replacing your teeth.

The procedure uses an implant supported bridge to completely replace all your missing and damaged teeth, and give you back a perfect looking smile with all the functionality you can expect from a set of normal and healthy teeth. The fixed bridge is a permanent and long-term solution that requires very little maintenance and less care than removable dentures.

Teeth on Implants® has many benefits, including:

  • Eat and speak with ease and confidence
  • Efficient treatment and recovery time
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compared to other types of dental restorations, Teeth on Implants® requires very little maintenance once the procedure has been successfully completed. The permanent implant supported bridge doesn’t require any special care or maintenance other than regular daily cleaning with a toothbrush and floss.
  • Single visit procedure
  • Dental implants can be planted on the same day as extraction, which can mean a single visit where appropriate.
  • Safe, secure and affordable
  • Secure placement deep in the jawbone, so implants will not shift or loosen. It doesn’t require any bone grafts, which adds to the total cost, to be done prior to the implant surgery for it to be successful.

How can Teeth on Implants® improve your smile?

Teeth on Implants® is a complete oral rehabilitation that will give you beautiful looking teeth and allow you to speak, smile and laugh with renewed confidence. Your new set of teeth will be perfectly aligned and have just the right shade to match the rest of your remaining natural teeth if you choose to restore only one arch.

Functionally, your new Teeth on Implants® bridge will work just as well as normal and healthy natural teeth. Since it is a fixed replacement, you don’t have to worry about having your teeth fall out like you would with dentures.

Your new Teeth on Implants® bridge will also be modeled and designed using advanced CAD/CAM technology to make sure you get a perfect fit. Before getting the implant surgery our dentists will perform a 3D scan of your jaw, gums and teeth which ensures that extremely accurate measurements are made so that your new set of implants supported bridges will come out perfectly the first time around.

Central Coast leaders in Teeth on Implants®

Did you know that our practice is one of the few on the Central Coast to perform Teeth on Implants®?
Dr Ned Restom, Practice Principal of Avoca Beach Dental is a leader local leader and expert in the field of implantology, he is also a founder of the Australasian Implant Academy (AIA) who teach other dentists skills in implants.

Can the procedure be done under sedation?

Absolutely, depending on your concerns, we can perform the procedure under either oral sedation, sleep dentistry (twilight sedation), or I.V sedation.

Sleep dentistry means you will fall asleep during the procedure, you won’t have any memory of the event. Please ensure you organise a driver and a carer to look after you for the remainder of the day. Find out more here.

Concerned about cost?

Payment plans including MySmilePlan are available.

Find out more here

Use your Super to pay for treatment

Did you know you can potentially use your superannuation to pay for critical dental treatment?

It is now possible to apply for the early compassionate release of your Superannuation to pay for certain dental treatment. Depending on the superannuation fund you are with, you are allowed access to a lump sum to pay out-of-pocket expenses for dental treatment for yourself or your dependents.

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