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Appliances and Plates

About Appliances and Plates

Plates are often used in Orthodontics as part of early treatment for a number of reasons and are customized to address and intercept developing orthodontic problems in a growing child. They can be used for simple tooth movements, or as part of two-phase treatment to improve the alignment of the jaws first. While orthodontic plates are usually applied to correct small problems, they can also be used in the early phase treatment. For example, plates can be used in young children to close gaps or maintain appropriate space between teeth for the adult teeth to grow into. Although plates are designed to prevent extreme tooth movement, braces might still be required in a second phase of treatment to align the teeth and create a proper bite.

Signs that you or your child require orthodontic plates might include:

  • Underbite
  • Deep-bite
  • Extreme tooth movement
  • Gapped teeth

Some of the potential benefits of this treatment are

  • Improves Structure

    Plates can create facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth and create room for crowded teeth
  • Reduces Treatment time

    Using plates before braces will reduce the time enhancement process
  • Eliminates Cross Bites

    Plates will reduce the chance of developing crossbites that can influence the development of teeth and gums later in life
  • Early Prevention

    Plates target problematic orthodontic issues and can eliminate the need for braces