Our Clinic

Avoca Beach Dental offers the most innovative technology and advanced techniques the dental world has to offer. We are an accredited dental practice providing exceptional dental treatment to you and your family. Our promise is to provide you with a wide range of services ranging from general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry as well as, the more complex treatments and procedures.

Our Dentists

Our Dentists  have extensive experience in various fields of dentistry, as well as a commitment to a high quality of care. Our Team’s extensive training, skills and exceptional service is what truly sets us apart from any other dental provider. With a reputation of being the most professional dental practice on the Central Coast, we strive to ensure that our patients are provided with the care they require. We are transparent about treatment processes and we aim to deliver a personalised and professional service.

Above all, at Avoca Beach Dental we strive to deliver the following promises:

  • Believe in personal and professional care.
  • Committed to delivering the most advanced dentistry techniques and technology alongside state-of the-art equipment to ensure the most comfortable experience for our patients
  • Believe that prevention is better than cure and we are passionate about raising awareness and educating our patients on how to maintain quality oral health
  • Dedicated to executing the latest techniques and providing the most innovative technology to ensure we offer you the finest dental experience
  • Promise to deliver the care you require at an affordable cost.


Avoca Beach Dental is an Australian QIP Accredited Practice committed to providing consistent, high-quality dental care.

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The Team

Our team are friendly, experienced professionals dedicated to delivering excellent dental service and a seamless experience. Dr Ned Restom leads our team of practitioners with regular training to ensure that we execute the latest methods and utilise the most innovative technology.

We work hard to create the best possible experience for our clients and in particular, children, because they are often more apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Our clinic follows strict hygiene and infection control procedures and we are committed to providing our patients with the most effective procedures.

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